Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Spire

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The Spire
by Richard North Patterson

Mark Darrow returns to his alma mater, Caldwell College, to help out old friend and mentor, Lionel Farr. The school is trying to recover from the embezzlement of $900,000 by the the current president. When Darrow was a student at Caldwell he discovered the body of Angela Hall, murdered, at the base of the spire. His best friend, Steve Tillman, is serving a life sentence for the murder. Darrow has never believed that Steve was capable of murder. Not only is Mark trying to learn his new job, he is also trying to investigate a murder that is sixteen years old, and is having a relationship with Taylor Farr, the daughter of Lionel Farr.

I really enjoyed this book by Richard North Patterson. It is intriguing, well-written, and suspenseful. I really didn't figure the whole thing out until I got to the end, so it surprised me. The back and forth between the present and the past is very well done, not confusing at all. I also liked the love story, it really added to the story for me.

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Anonymous said...

I love when I can't figure out whodunnit! I'll add this to my wishlist, thanks :)