Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Handbags and Homicide review...
Handbags and Homicide
by Dorothy Howell

Haley and Marcie love purses. They are best friends who share the obssession of purse shopping. Haley took a second job at Holt's Department Store to help pay off her credit cards. During the day, she works at the law firm of Pike Warner in accounts payable. Haley doesn't like working at Holt's and spends lots of time chilling in the stockroom...where she finds Richard, the assistant store manager, dead. She then gets put on administrative leave at Pike Warner for irrugularities in her work. Haley has two mysteries to solve...Who murdered Richard? Who framed her for embezzlement at Pike Warner?

Haley is truly a ditzy blond-it is hard to take her seriously. This was a fun read, a good story, and I did laugh a few times throughout the story. However, I did get tired of Haley and her drama. She is just a bit too much for me. She is self-absorbed, thoughtless, and inconsiderate. I did like the book, I just wish it was a bit more believable.


Caspette said...

Thats a shame. I found the same with the shopholic series. I didnt mind it for one book but after book 2 I got annoyed and gave up.

Dar said...

These kinds of books are good for a laugh though. I love purses, all kinds of purses. lol. Love the title and cover. Very cute.