Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best Friends Forever

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by Jennifer Weiner

As a girl, Addie is overweight and friendless...until Valerie moves in next door. Valerie is everything Addie is not; skinny, confident, and indifferent to what others think of her. They soon become great friends. In high school, Val becomes popular and they grow apart. An incident at a party during their senior year irrevocably breaks their friendship and they don't see each other until fifteen years later after a high school reunion.

I enjoyed the character of Addie and felt for her. I found her to be quite believable. I also enjoyed Val who was the complete opposite from Addie. I just didn't find the story that interesting. I also felt the big search for Dan, Val, and Addie very strange considering there was never a dead body. What law enforcement member begins a murder investigation without a body, only with a belt and a little blood? Not my favorite Jennifer Weiner book.

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Anna said...

Sorry this one was a bit disappointing for you. I haven't read any of Weiner's books yet, but I received this one in the mail a few days ago. What is your favorite Weiner book?

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