Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Words Unspoken

LibraryThing book review...
Words Unspoken by Elizabeth Musser

Lissa Randall is trying to learn how to live after losing her mom to a terrible car accident that she feels responsible for. She struggles with guilt ,and she hasn't driven since the accident. She feels a disconnect with her father and feels he blames her for the accident. Lissa is trying get her act together, she is tired of being stuck and is ready to move on...she just doesn't know how. Through Lissa, we meet several other people connected to her story and we also learn about their lives and how they help Lissa through her pain.

I also received this book through the Early Reviewers program at Library Thing. I had no idea it was a Christian fiction book when I requested it, I just thought the book sounded good. I didn't love all the religious passages, but they didn't bother me. The story is very complicated and there are lots of characters that just don't seem to fit together. In the end, however, it all comes together to make a good story, and one that I did enjoy.


Dar said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed this one Julie. I have it also in my tbr pile.

Caspette said...

This sounds nice but probably a little to deep at the moment for me.

There is an award waiting for you at my blog here. Congratulations.

Marie said...

Glad you enjoyed it! :-) LT has a nice diverse array of books on offer usually, and it seems like lots of Christian publishers participate.