Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's Age Got to do with It?

Book Review...

What's Age Got to do with It? Living Your Happiest & Healthiest Life
by Robin McGraw

I finished What's Age Got to do with It? today and I enjoyed it along with learning some important things about myself. I liked seeing all aspects of Robin's life from being a mom, to being part of Dr. Phil's show, and being a wife. I thought the chapter on hormones was very informative and it was something I really knew nothing about. I feel much more informed about perimenopause and menopause...when it happens:( I admire how committed Robin is to her health and her determination to share her knowledge to help others.

Some things I didn't really get because, I guess, I am rather low-maintenance. I can get ready in about 30 minutes in the morning, including hair, make-up, shower, everything! Robin takes a lot of time doing her hair and putting on make-up; I just can't see spending that much time doing that kind of stuff-I'd rather have that extra sleep time!

Overall, though, an informative, easy-to-read book.

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