Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Associate

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by John Grisham
The Associate is about Kyle McAvoy, a recent law school graduate, who grew up in his father's small-town law office. Kyle is being blackmailed into working for a certain law firm because of something that happened while he was in college, something he really didn't do. He is forced to lie, steal documents, and be part of a scheme that could get him disbarred, even killed. He goes along with all this, at first,...and then gets some help from a college friend and a lawyer.

This book reminded me of old times with a great John Grisham novel. I really enjoyed the story of Kyle McAvoy and his friends. I liked Kyle's story, I liked the way he struggled with his dilemma and came up with a solution. I wish I could have known his friends and enemies better. Kyle is really the only character in the book I felt like I really got to know. It all fell apart at the end...I found the ending very disappointing. I don't want to say too much about the ending, but it just didn't feel like a proper ending. Disappointing.

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