Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Husband's Sweethearts

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My Husband's Sweethearts written by Bridget Asher

Lucy Shoreman discovers her husband is a serial cheater and leaves him. She is on her own and working when she receives a phone call from her mother telling her that Artie is dying. Her mother insists that she come home and reluctantly Lucy does. One evening, Lucy gets a bit drunk and calls some of Artie's "sweethearts" and invites them to come take their turn at his deathbed. The sweethearts actually start showing up and that is when the fun really begins! Some become friends, some inspire jealously, and others bring surprises about Artie.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was a lot of fun. The characters were engaging and memorable. The story was different, but very believable. Lots of witty moments, but also many tender moments, which made me enjoy the book even more. The only part that I felt could be improved upon was the ending. The ending was fine, it just didn't seem to fit with what I thought was an engaging story.

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Shana said...

Julie, this sounds like such a cute, fun book.

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