Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Halfway House

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Halfway House written by Katharine Noel
Halfway House is about Angie Voorster, a seventeen-year old teenager, who has a breakdown during a swim meet and eventually is diagnosed as being bipolar. The story is not only about how Angie deals with this, but also how her mother, father, and brother deal with it. We follow Angie's journey from hospitals, to halfway houses, to home, and back to hospitals. We also see her father distance himself from the family and turn inward. Her mother has an affair and her brother, Luke, finds comfort with girlfriends. He also struggles with wanting to take care of Angie and wanting to have his own life. I found the book interesting because the Katharine Noel takes us into life with mental illness from every family member's perspective. This is not only Angie's story, but that of her family, as well.
julyso Jul 17, 2008

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