Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dirt: An American Campaign

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By Mark LaFlamme

Dirt begins with Calvin Cotton taking his wife's body from her tomb and going on a little trip with her. Calvin's father, Governor Frank Cotton, is a contender for the White House and cannot have any type of scandal during his campaign. Governor Cotton calls for a little help with his son, a fella by the name of Thomas Cashman. Cashman, in turn, gets some help from author, Billy Baylor. Baylor has written many stories about obsessive love and Cashman believes he can be a help with the situation. The pair follow Calvin around trying to solve the problem, while Governor Cotton continues on with his campaigning.

Dirt is very different, but I enjoyed it. I would classify it as a political thriller... I liked the thriller part, but could have lived without all the politics. The characters are very memorable, as are some of the things they do. The plot moved along quickly and I definitely wanted to find out what happened in the end. A nice change from what I usually read.

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This would fit perfectly for the S/T Book Challenge next year. :)